Congratulations to the 2021 Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Award Winners! 

The Betsy Alden Outstanding Service-Learning Awards recognize annually one community partner, one faculty member, and one graduating senior for their outstanding commitment to the ideals of service-learning. We are pleased to recognize Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza, Associate Professor of the Practice of Environmental Policy and Management, Reagan Sanders (Duke ‘21) a Public Policy major, and GANO, Gente Aprendiendo Para Nuevas Oportunidades, for their most excellent community collaborations. Learn more about the 2021 award recipients below:

“Reagan epitomizes Betsy Alden’s qualities of being a connector, as well as a champion for both interpersonal and community partner relationships that are reciprocal and meaningful. She has created and deepened relationships both within and beyond the classroom, connecting people both to one another and to the deeper ideals of reciprocity, partnership, and a sustained commitment to the community. I miss her engaging presence since she has graduated, but am comforted knowing she will continue carrying her service-learning ideals forward ethically, responsibly, and compassionately.” 

Nominator: Kimmie Garner, Assistant Director of Duke Service-Learning

“Throughout every class, Liz talks about the value of community voice; how to engage community in the creation of academic processes; the power of creative co-knowledge development; community empowerment through relationship building; recognizing privilege and leaning on listening over telling. I’ve grown not just from her interactive activities and reflective exercises, but also through the circle she creates when teaching, the community and sense of trust she engenders through the class, and the vast network of community organizations she’s developed over the nine years of this program. There are few humans that are better than Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza at creating authentic community and learning through truest collaboration.”

Nominator: Calvin Allen, Co-Instructor for Community-Based Environmental Management Practicum (ENVIRON 795)

“Through reflections, we know that students from Spanish 205, Spanish 306, Spanish 307, Spanish 308, and Spanish 313 have learned immensely from their experiences with GANO and greatly value the interactions with the community members. GANO leadership continuously works to orient, train, develop resources, and monitor the participants to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership for everyone. The impact of maintaining free tutoring for English language learners over many years is immeasurable and deserves recognition.”

Nominators: Professors Fernández, Anderson, Clifford, and Ewing, Duke Romance Studies