Service-Learning Community Collaborators

Service-Learning is a hands-on approach to teaching and learning in which community agencies collaborate with Duke faculty members to create projects and experiences that facilitate undergraduates' integration of classroom learning and theories with lived community actions, experiences and activism.

Because service-learning placements are tied to a course and monitored by faculty members, student “volunteers” tend to be highly reliable and motivated. In addition, Service-Learning staff members are available to help identify appropriate semester-long activities, offer advice, and act as a liaison when appropriate.

What's It Like to Partner with Duke Service-Learning?

Through service-learning courses, Duke students have tutored and mentored children, interacted with patients and elders, conducted research, developed curricula, built houses, designed devices for the disabled, staged chemistry demonstrations, tested water quality, and produced documentaries.

Our partners value the skills and commitment our students bring to their organizations, with the vast majority wanting our students to return to their agency or site. In a recent survey of community partners, more than 90% agreed or strongly agreed that "Duke students' service helped my organization meet its mission and goals," while almost all surveyed agreed to strongly agreed that the "Students' work effectively address a real community need."

Over the years, we've been fortunate to work with hundreds of leading organizations throughout North Carolina.

Community Partner Testimonials

InStepp logo
Martha Morales
InStepp. Inc.

"...I would like to explain the immeasurable support we gained from working with (Duke Service-Learning..." Read More


Joanna Welborn
Joanna Welborn, Assistant Director
Student Action with Farmworkers

"We've been fortunate to have worked with Duke Service-Learning almost since the beginning." Read More

Connect with Duke Faculty

Quality practice in service-learning advocates that faculty members create connections with community agencies whose work elevates student learning. For that reason, Duke Service-Learning plays a limited role in facilitating partnerships. Every semester, however, a small number of faculty members may ask us to help them identify new community partners for their service-learning courses. We would be happy to circulate information about your organization. If you are interested in a service-learning partnership with Duke faculty and students, we would love to hear from you.

Just Need Student Volunteers?

For general information about recruiting Duke students as volunteers (not necessarily in a service-learning context), submit an opportunity through Duke's Community Service Center.

The Community Service Center office can work with your staff to locate volunteers, help you become a community-based employer in the federal work-study program, and assist you in becoming better known to the Duke community.