Keep Being, Keep Connecting workshop series

Keep Exploring – Keep Being / Keep Connecting

We invite you to join Duke’s Summer 2020 experiential learning initiative called Keep Exploring – an effort initiated by the Provost’s Office to support Duke students this summer.

Keep Exploring is a two-part co-curricular program that connects experiential learning opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships with a series of workshops, trainings, and conversations focused on purpose, values, skill building, professional development, personal growth, and wellness. Undergraduates who complete certain requirements are eligible to receive a practice oriented education transcript designation for summer 2020.

Keep Being / Keep Connecting (the workshop and reflective conversation part of the larger Keep Exploring initiative) is a summer series of conversations, workshops, and trainings that are designed to provide grounding and professional development opportunities to students.

NOTE: To see the Keep Being / Keep Connecting workshops specifically focused on community-engagement, see the events section of our homepage . You will need to register for workshops on the CareerConnections link.

Our hope is to:

  • Assist students in bridging their academic coursework/intellectual engagements with their experiential learning,
  • Offer students instruction in particular skillsets and knowledge sets that will be useful to them during and beyond their summer experiences – skillsets such as grant writing, communications and presentation-making, career planning, management strategies.
  • Provide space and time for students to reflect deeply with others on their summer experiences and to practice wellness behaviors such as mindfulness, development of positive/growth mindsets, and work-life balance.
  • Explore the workshops currently available and register through CareerConnections Registration is now open. You will be prompted to log in with your Duke NetID. Once you are logged in, you can then search for events by series name: “Keep Exploring—Keep Being, Keep Connecting.” Please email with any questions.

To sign up for the POE designation you will first need to decide if you can meet the four requirements below. To register for the POE, send an email expressing your interest to

Keep Being, Keep Connecting POE requirements include:

1. Complete an experiential learning activity such as an internship, special project, volunteer placement, mentoring, shadowing, or work experience that involves substantial engagement over multiple weeks this summer.

2. Attend and participate proactively in one Human Beings, Human Doings Conversation. These initial orientation and reflection workshops are designed to elicit goals, purposes, and deeper thinking about summer contexts and activities. You can register for these conversations on CareerConnections; they will take place on Zoom from June 15-22.

3. Select at least four workshops of your choice from the over 30 workshops available on CareerConnections. The workshops focus on topics related to well-being, career/professional development, and community engagement. Students are encouraged to select workshops from different categories (well-being, career readiness, community engagement) to expand learning and enhance perspective taking.

4. Participate thoughtfully and intentionally in a final reflection session the week of July 27-31 and submit a final reflection paper of 5-7 pages that demonstrates critical thinking about the workshops attended, new learning, and connections to personal, academic, and professional goals. These final reflection sessions will be added to CareerConnections by mid-July.

The practice oriented education transcript designation (POE) is similar to that of Spring Breakthrough, Winter Forum, and DukeEngage. The Summer 2020 Keep Being, Keep Connecting POE designation is not designed for students enrolled full time in summer school or students who will be receiving a POE transcript designation for another summer program. All students, however, are welcome to participate in Keep Being, Keep Connecting workshops!

We invite you to get involved and keep exploring this summer.

The Keep Exploring – Keep Being, Keep Connecting Team